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February Student Member Highlight


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February Student Member Highlight

Karissa Walsworth

Spencer Nguyen

I'm a senior at LSUS. My major is Digitial Arts. My last year consists of 3 classes. I attend class Monday’s through Thursday’s. I work on the weekends as a nail technician. I usually work Friday’s, Saturday’s, and sometimes on Sunday’s.

The projects I'm working on to build my portfolio consist of logo designs, posters, and web designs. During my senior year, I have found a major interest in web design. Apart from taking web design courses; I've also followed up with using an online learning tool Udemy, to further my knowledge in web design. I have a long way to go but I'm dedicated and willing to learn and improve myself. What I truly enjoy about being a member of the AAFSB is that this community has helped me grow. It allowed me to opportunities to network, participate in awesome events, and learn from others.

Something interesting about myself is I'm a neat freak, I've been a pescetarian for over 4 years, I'm really quiet and shy, and my birth name is Linh. I got my United State citizenship about 3 years ago and decided to change my name from Linh to Spencer. Linh in my country is a very common unisex name. I wanted something different and make others have to think twice when I greet them and introduce myself as Spencer.