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June Student Member Highlight


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June Student Member Highlight

Karissa Walsworth

Shelby Dupuy

Where do you work?
Currently, I attend Louisiana State University in Shreveport. I am studying to receive my Bachelors of Fine Arts - Digital Arts and I am currently a 6th year Senior.

What is a typical day like in the office for you?
On a typical day for me, I arrive at school at 9:00 am and attend classes until 2:00 or 3:00 pm. I then head to work at Academy of Children's Theatre where I am a Teacher's Assistant, Choreographer, Assistant Choreographer, Dancer, and whatever else the day call's for. I usually finish work at 8:00 pm and head home to work on whatever current project I have for school. I am currently working on online projects (such as on Skillshare) and helping Academy of Children's Theatre with their graphic work to help build my portfolio.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of AAFSB? 
What I enjoy most about being a member of the AAFSB, is all of the people I have met. I feel very fortunate to meet some very talented individuals and have the chance to get their insight on what it is like to work in the graphic design field currently.

What does it mean to you to represent our local chapter as a Student Member competing in the ADDY's at the District Level?
It has meant a lot to me to represent our local chapter as a Student Member competing in the ADDY's at the District Level. When I first won a Gold at the Local Level, I was shocked because it was my first time to enter the competition. When I found out I also received a Gold on the District Level, I couldn't believe it. It has been such an honor to win these awards and to even have the opportunity to compete with other talented students in our district area.

What is something interesting we may not already know about you?
I had never actually had a formal art class before the semester of Fall 2018. My family always kept me on an Academic Track through Elementary and High School, and I switched to this degree from Secondary Education - Mathematics. My sister decided to apply for this degree program, and since I never really wanted to be a Math teacher and it sounded interesting, I switched with her. I am currently loving my degree program and I can not wait to graduate and get into the workplace.