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Meet Our Communications / Advent10n Co-Chair


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Meet Our Communications / Advent10n Co-Chair

Karissa Walsworth

Cameron is a creative director specializing in post-production, design, and storytelling.

Cameron's expertise includes video production, design, experience and digital marketing. He has worked with name brands such as Chrysler, Time Warner Cable, BP, Volkswagen, The Olympics, and Google. He’s assembled conferences, led teams of creatives, worked on political campaigns, and designed strategies.
Born and raised in Shreveport (well technically Keithville), Cameron attended Byrd High School and Centenary College. After college, Cameron moved and worked in Washington, D.C. for 8 years. This is where he put in his 10,000 hours, grew as an artist, married his wife, and had his son.

While in D.C., He worked internally at the FAA. Then after traveling to every corner of America for 2 years, Cameron went freelance. One of Cameron’s big breaks was to work on the social video campaign for Chrysler’s Imported from Detroit, as well as a web series for Chrysler which aired on youtube leading up to the Super Bowl. Then followed jobs with the Olympics, Google, among many other big brands.

Now, Cameron is hooked on digital advertising, specifically social strategy using video to tell stories for brands.

After D.C., Cameron moved to Atlanta to lead a crew of filmmakers to create experiences for a megachurch. It was during this time, Cameron grew in leadership, strategy, and experimentation.After 3 years in Atlanta, Cameron and his family felt called to come back to Shreveport to be closer to family and to take on freelancing and owning a business.

Now Cameron is a freelance Creative Director, Editor and Motion Designer. On any given day he could be working on an Instagram story for a major brand, a political campaign, or designing decks for the next big pitch.

He has also just launched a studio: King’s Collaborative (, a digital motion studio built to serve brands and agencies that need a team of creatives to execute their vision through story-driven, design inspired motion design, live action, and social strategy.

Cameron now lives in Keithville, where he was born and raised, with his wife and two kids. He has a lot of chickens and two dogs. On the weekends, you can find him building something with his hands, gardening, or serving at his church.

Involvement with AAFSB: Cameron was introduced to AAFSB through board member Kevin Alexander. His desire to reconnect with the creative and marketing community in Shreveport led him to AAFSB. It was the logical professional group to join to be able to network and gain some new relationships.

Cameron helped with Advention by working with the A/V team, building video assets for the conference, and helping out wherever he was needed. Cameron now helps with AAFSB’s social media and looks forward to pushing that along to be an asset for the community at large.