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Meet Our Education Co-Chair


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Meet Our Education Co-Chair

Karissa Walsworth

My name is Kevin Alexander, and I serve on the AAFSB Board as Education Co-Chair. I work for CRM Studios, a broadcast production company here in Shreveport, where I serve as Senior Editor/Videographer. I wear many hats in my role here, but first and foremost I consider myself a storyteller.

My journey into the advertising world began in 2001 when I first started working in television news. Being a news videographer was a unique life experience, and I had a front row seat of history covering stories like the Columbia Shuttle Disaster and Hurricane Katrina. Eventually I left the news business to take a role in marketing, and was able to use the skills I had learned in journalism to produce short documentaries, corporate videos, and television commercials. After a few years working and traveling as a freelance videographer, in 2015 I came to work at CRM Studios where I have found my dream job.

I was introduced to AAFSB at the 2017 Addy’s, where CRM Studios had a very good year. I realized that evening that I knew a few people on the board, and they extended an invitation to join. I became an Education Co-Chair because I am passionate about helping students learn the essential skills they need to begin their careers in broadcast commercial production.

I’m glad to be on the board, and glad to be a member of an organization that values an interdisciplinary view of advertising. At an event in 2017 sponsored by AAFSB, a speaker encouraged everyone to think like a marketer… Everyone. No matter if you are a sales executive, graphic designer, art director, producer, director, cinematographer, grip, gaffer, video editor, motion designer, or engineer. There are many, many roles in a successful campaign or production, and it is essential that everyone not only fulfill their creative roles, but also think like a marketer. That is the primary lesson I have learned being part of this organization, and I am passionate about helping students and professionals learn that early in their careers!