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Meet Our Member-at-large

Karissa Walsworth

Scott Anderson

I am Scott Anderson, and I love a good story. Whether it’s a novel, a movie, a song, or a friend’s latest adventure shared over a cup of coffee, stories have fascinated me since childhood. In fact, telling a story is what opened the door for me to get involved with AAFSB.

I spent more than 20 years on the editorial side of journalism. My first paying job was taking obituaries at the local paper. That’s where I learned two things — everyone has a story to share, and every story deserves to be told with the same measure of respect. They are two of the basic tenets that still drive my work.

I left the newspaper business in 2011 to becomes marketing director for On Hold Company, where I told the stories of our clients and our company for two years. But the lure of community journalism hooked me again. I left On Hold Company to launch Metro Leader, a monthly news magazine that published in seven markets in Louisiana and Texas as part of National MailIt’s direct mail campaigns. Four years later, I briefly joined the team at the Bossier Press Tribune before launching out on my own. In April of 2018, I created Scooter Anderson Communications, a freelance communications consultancy.

While I was at Metro Leader, I was invited to cover the ADDYs. That was my first exposure to AAFSB. After that, I was invited to some of the Power Lunches. I already was a member of the Shreveport Journalism Foundation and PRAL, but I wasn’t sure that a group dedicated to advertising was the right fit for me. But then it occurred to me that advertising, just like journalism and PR, is storytelling. And I am deeply committed to the craft of storytelling. Today, I am proud to serve this great organization and its members as an at-large member of the board of directors.