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Meet Our Membership Co-Chair


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Meet Our Membership Co-Chair

Karissa Walsworth

Danielle Richard, Owner and Creative Director of Richard Creative 

Detail-oriented and a master of organization, Danielle works personally with each client to structure and create projects that work for the business they represent.

Danielle discovered the vision for her career with the help of a high school art teacher, who encouraged her to channel her passion for both creativity and order into graphic design. After graduating from Winnsboro High School, Danielle received an academic scholarship to Louisiana Tech University, where she entered one of the premier design programs in the state and was voted “Most Outstanding Student of Graphic Design” by her professors. Throughout her time in college, Danielle also pursued every available opportunity to further her practical knowledge of the world of design and communications. Through various jobs in the print industry, she acquired invaluable real-world experience and a pragmatic perspective, which allowed her to provide clients with a wealth of insight and skill.

In 2009, with a one-year-old at home, Danielle left a fulfilling position in the print industry to begin a freelance career. In the 10 years since, the business has evolved and grown into a full-fledged creative agency, employing a team of freelance designers, writers, photographers and content managers. With husband James managing the business aspects since 2016, and Danielle serving as Creative Director,  they are passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive with marketing and design strategy that is both pretty and practical.

Danielle and James have been married since 2004, and they have two children, Hank and Maggie.


During her Junior and Senior years at Louisiana Tech, Danielle first became acquainted with the "Shreveport Bossier Advertising Federation" by entering and placing in their student Addy competition. At the encouragement of her professors, Danielle also applied for and was rewarded the SBAF's annual "Jim Leslie Memorial Scholarship" during her Senior year. 

Upon her return to the Shreveport area in 2005, Danielle was re-introduced by colleagues to what was now called the American Advertising Federation of Shreveport-Bossier (AAFSB) and began serving on their board of directors as well as entering the Addy competition -- this time as a professional. Since then, she has served as Communications Chair, Addy Chair, and President of the club, and remains on the board today.