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Meet Our Programs Co-Chair


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Meet Our Programs Co-Chair

Karissa Walsworth

Steven Knight

The decision to get involved with AAFSB was a bit intimidating since I'd never participated in a professional's group before but honestly, it's been so rewarding. After some debating about how to allot my time outside of work with my fellow Programs Chair, ultimately, AAFSB was the fittest for my professional development. I've met so many engaging and intelligent people and I wouldn't trade that for the world.

As the Programs Co-Char, my job is to first and foremost generate quality and impactful programming that enhances our memberships experience. It's important to create meaningful conversations among our membership that encourages professional growth, presents networking opportunities and unearths unique solutions to problems we all face in the workplace. Additional duties include ambassadorship for the organization and promotion of all things AAFSB. 

Day to day duties as a member of Louisiana Film Prize’s digital marketing team and an event coordinator are varied but primarily focus on understanding the landscape of events within our community and region. Most of the work I do centers around the Food Prize division of our festival and as a team member that focuses on developing the culinary culture of NWLA, I interface with chefs, other culinary professionals and, of course, and consumers of our content. Having developed relationships with people at each level of the professional to consumer chain, I serve as the conduit for keeping everyone informed on trends, news and strides made in the culinary world and our community but from a "fun internet best friend" perspective. Throughout the year, I also host a unique, off the menu, private dining series called the Society of the Golden Fork where I work with local chefs to provide our fans and followers with a first-hand experience of all the labor and detail that goes into crafting their favorite local dishes. Creating such a deep relationship between consumers and professionals at this level is one of the most rewarding parts of my work; Giving a face to those who are being served and serving creates accountability for how we interact and correspond when it comes to developing and bettering our community.