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AAF District 10 Advent10n 2017 (Part 1)

Erin Smith

Each year, the American Advertising Federation District 10 (the district Shreveport is a part of) hosts a convention lovingly named Advent10n. This year's convention was April 6-8 in Fort Worth, Texas. And if you didn't attend, well, you missed out on some FANTASTIC speakers and educational opportunities. Over the course of the next few posts, I'm going to bring you up to speed on what you missed. 

National Student Advertising Competition
The conference has multiple layers and events happening simultaneously. One of which is the National Student Advertising Competition preliminaries. A multitude of student teams from various colleges throughout the district create a full marketing campaign for a national brand and present it to the judges for a chance to attend the National Student Advertising Competition at Admerica! This year's brand was Tai Pei frozen foods. 

For the first time ever, LSUS created a team and entered the competition! Despite being up against some pretty tough odds and being the rookies, they enjoyed their time, know what they need to change for the future and are excited for next year! Go LSUS! 

Blake Goldston, President of the D10 American Advertising Foundation, Allen Garcie, D10 Educator of the Year, Kevin Dobbs, Executive Director of District 10

Blake Goldston, President of the D10 American Advertising Foundation, Allen Garcie, D10 Educator of the Year, Kevin Dobbs, Executive Director of District 10

On top of that, Allen Garcie, AAFSB education chair, former president of AAFSB and coach for the LSUS NSAC team, was awarded Educator of the Year for the district! To put that into perspective, Allen beat out all of the educators nominated from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and half of Louisiana! We are tremendously proud of him!

Conference Lineup
This year's conference lineup did not disappoint! We heard from Sam Shepherd, the creative director at Deustch New York on Friday at breakfast. He worked on the hugely successful Water is Life campaigns, highlighting the poor drinking water conditions through the personal stories of children in underdeveloped countries. You can see those campaign videos here.

During Friday's breakout sessions, we heard from Claudine Unterman with the Nielsen ratings system. She discussed the technologies coming down the pipe that will allow Nielsen to gather larger, more in-depth data samples, like personal people meters and the ability to know what you're watching without the old box-and-diary system. If you're a data driven marketer, take a look at Nielsen's Total Audience Report to gain more insight.

Lewis Williams of Burrell Communications gave an impactful presentation on the image of the African American consumer in advertising. He began his presentation with a video from The Atlantic highlighting the typecasting of African-American males in the media. He went on to discuss how positive realism can combat the previous negative realism and how authenticity is key.

Be sure to come back to hear about the rest of the speakers from Advent10n, including Sam Dailey of Facebook, Haidy Francis of IBM and Michael Doret, creator of the NY Knicks logo.