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What is District and Why Should I Care?

Erin Smith

Most of you are familiar with AAF as “that club that hosts the ADDYs.” And those of you who’ve entered the ADDYs know that if you win at the local level, your entry is forwarded to district, and then on to national. But what is “district?”

We in Shreveport-Bossier are a part of the 10th District of the American Advertising Federation. Our district is often referred to as a “mega district” because we are both large in land mass and the number of clubs and members. Our district includes all of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and half of Louisiana (SBC, Lake Charles, Monroe). The Tenth District falls within the Central Region and National is headquartered on Capitol Hill in D.C.

The Tenth District is a unifying force and a means of support for local city clubs. They not only provide us a place to send our ADDYs, they also provide educational opportunities, scholarships, networking, training, and government relations support. Without district, AAFSB and all of the city clubs would cease to exist.

So why should you - a member of your local Ad Fed chapter - care about D10? Well, it depends on what gets you motivated.

Are you passionate about educating our students and pushing them to succeed? Well, D10 provides two large annual scholarships that are open to any student at any school within the district. And, this year, there will be a third added to the mix. (AAFSB has a scholarship, too, so there’s really 4 opportunities to help with the rising costs of higher ed!) Plus, there is the National Student Advertising Competition, where college AAF chapters create an entire ad campaign for a large brand, like Pizza Hut, and present it to the company. Talk about a fantastic way to land a job!

Are you tired of the government stipulations on what you can and cannot say in an ad? Well, D10 has government liaisons in each state who are in constant contact with legislators and our AAF lobbyists in D.C. to ensure that your job isn’t going to be adversely affected by a piece of legislation that you knew nothing - or little - about.

What about your own professional growth? D10 provides some killer programming at the D10Summit in the fall and Advent10n in the spring. Those who attended last year got to hear Southwest Airlines talk about their rebrand and the process behind it, as well as why 7Up decided to target Latina millenials with EDM. These conferences and conventions are hosted in various cities throughout the district, many within driving distance. The 2017 Advent10n will be in Fort Worth, and you don’t want to miss it! Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page and emails from AAFSB so you can register.

That all sounds great, Erin. How can I learn more?
You can visit the Tenth District website at and mark your calendar for Advent10n in Fort Worth April 6-8th and AdMerica,the national convention, in New Orleans June 8-10th. Or you can email me, Erin Smith, President of AAFSB and the D10 LA State Representative for the scoop on how to get involved.


An Exciting 2016 - 2017!

Erin Smith

As we kick off the 2016-2017 year for the American Advertising Federation of Shreveport Bossier, we on the board want you to know what you can expect and how you can be involved this year. 

I'm Erin Smith, your AAFSB president. (Pant suit not included.) I'm super pumped to get things started this year. We have a board that is 16 people strong, with fabulous ideas for new endeavors and improvements to keep us at the forefront of the local ad industry. Visit our Board Member page to get acquainted with everyone on board. 

Below you can find info on a few things we have planned for the year. But trust me, there's a lot more in store! We hope that you'll join us for any and all of the things that you can. If there are any ideas you have for us, let us know. We love feedback! And if you'd like to help in a big or small way with anything, we'd love to have you!

Programs - This year, we will be hosting the Ads After Dark after hours series. These relaxing, networking events will take place every other month and will feature a local vendor. Our professional lunches - now called Power Lunches - will be in the months in between the after hours. If you have any topics that you'd like us to consider finding a speaker on, please let us know! We're here to serve you and help you grow in your profession!

Education - We're also bringing back the Agency Crawl we created for students last year. After our first attempt and some great student feedback, we're making some improvements for an even better tour to help students get connected with local employers. In the spring, we're also looking to create an Education Summit for local students and teachers to learn more about the local industry. The Jim Leslie Memorial Scholarship will be awarded in the spring once again.

We also have plans for a big public service project, diversity expansion within our membership, government regulation updates and, of course, an amazing ADDY celebration!

If you ever have any questions or suggestions, I am all ears! I want to make sure that you are engaged, connected and enjoying what we are providing you. You can reach me via the email address, through our Facebook page or through my work email at 

I personally hope to see or hear from you soon!
Erin Smith
AAFSB President, 2016-'17