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Board Members

These are your 2018-2019 AAFSB Board Members. We dedicate our spare time to nourishing the advertising community in Shreveport-Bossier.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or in a board position,
feel free to contact us

Amy Olita

Amy is an Executive Designer at Romph Pou Agency

Fun Fact: Amy loves theme parks and Halloween more than a normal person probably should.

Laurie Priftis
1st Vice President, ADDY Chair

Laurie is a Digital Media Specialist at Williams Creative Group.

Fun Fact: Laurie has played soccer for 18 years.

Caitlin Perkins
2nd Vice President, Programs Chair

Caitlin is a Graphic Design Specialist for Hardware Resources.

Fun Fact: Caitlin used to own a ferret named Winston.

Erin Smith
Immediate Past President, Past Presidents Counsel

Erin is a Freelance marketing strategist, web designer and social media manager

Fun Fact: Erin is 25% Japanese, an all-star at singing "Ice, Ice Baby" karaoke and has a superhero-themed living room.

Karissa Walsworth
Communications Chair

Karissa is a Digital Design Specialist for Hardware Resources.

Fun Fact: Karissa loves to garden with her husband, take her blue heeler named Zelda for walks, and play any of The Legend of Zelda video games!

Allen Garcie
Education Chair

Allen is an Assistant Professor in the Digital Arts program at Louisiana State University Shreveport.

Fun Fact: Allen is an American Indian (Yes, he is a member of an actual tribe!) who enjoys singing, music (He has over 40,000 songs on iTunes!), and video games!

Sidney Jackson
Membership Chair

Sidney is the Founder of Louisiana Marketing Group

Fun fact: He spent the first 9 years of his life in New Orleans and the second 9 years in Monroe.

Mike Halbrook
Government Relations Chair, ADDY Co-chair

Mike is the Marketing Manager for Innovative Office Systems Managed Companies.

Fun Fact: Mike has an ever growing collection of boutique film and concert posters.

Cameron King
Social Media Chair

Cameron is the owner of King's Collab.

Fun Fact: He has run the Marine Corp Marathon and also completed 50 miles during a 24 hour World’s Toughest Mudder Race.

Ammiee Brown
Public Service Chair

Ammiee is an Account Coordinator at Romph Pou Agency.

Fun Fact: She loves speaking in accents for fun and giving impressions. Currently proficient in British, Irish, and Russian.

Scott Anderson
Public Relations Chair

Scott is the owner of Scooter Anderson Communications.

Fun Fact: He once rode an elevator with Jesse Jackson.

Brittany Gay
ADDY Co-chair

Brittany is a Graphic Designer at Vintage Realty Company.

Fun Fact: One of Brittany's favorite animals is the Great White Shark and she just recently got to check swimming with sharks off of her bucket list!

Steven Knight
Programs Co-chair

Steven Knight is the Event & Social Media Coordinator at the The Prize Foundation.

Fun Fact: He did a cultural emerging experience in Costa Rica and was a student translator while in high school.

Dellanee Wade
Communications C0-chair

Dellanee is a recent graduate from Louisiana Tech University where she received her Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

Fun Fact: She comes from a very diverse family on both sides mixed with West African, Creole, and Asian descent.

Jessica Stevens
Education Co-chair

Jessica is the Head of Marketing at LA New Product Development Team.

Fun Fact: She is half Chinese and has visited Beijing 3 times.

Christiana Hudson
Programs Co-chair

Christiana is the Marketing Manager at Mountain Capital Partners.

Fun Fact: She’s both a graphic designer and an account manager!

Lindsey Melancon

Lindsey is the Director of Marketing at The Louisiana Association for the Blind.

Fun Fact: She is a connoisseur of dipping sauces.

David White

David is the Tax In-Charge at Heard, McElroy & Vestal, LLC.

Fun Fact: David loves to go running.

Brandy Garison
Recording Secretary

Brandy is the Administrator/Graphic Designer at Ability Printing, a division of Louisiana Association for the Blind.

Fun Fact: Brandy loves to go glamping with her family and goes every chance she gets.

Ariana Boyd
LSUS AAF Student President

Ariana is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Marketing with a concentration in Advertising Design

Fun Fact: Ariana locally competed in fencing and is skilled in both foil and sabre.